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Visa Requirements for Visitors to Jamaica

Visa required for nationals of the following countries.

Nationals of certain countries DO need a visa to enter Jamaica. If you are visiting Jamaica from a country in the list below, you will need to obtain a visa for Jamaica before travelling.

Country Entry Visa
Afghanistan Yes
Albania Yes
Algeria Yes
Andorra Yes
Angola Yes
Armenia Yes
Azerbaijan Yes
Bahrain Yes
Belarus Yes
Benin Yes   
Bermuda Yes
Bhutan Yes   
Bolivia Yes 
Bosnia & Herzegovina Yes
Bulgaria Yes
Burkina Faso Yes
Burundi Yes
Cambodia Yes
Cameroon Yes
Cape Verde Yes
Cayman Islands Yes
Central African Republic Yes
Chad Yes
China Yes
(Holders of Certificates of Identity Resident in Hong Kong do require a visa)
Colombia Yes
Comoros Yes
Congo (formerly Zaire) Yes
Cote d’Ivoire Yes
Croatia Yes
Cuba Yes
Czech Republic Yes
Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) Yes
Djibouti Yes
Dominican Republic Yes
Egypt Yes
El Salvador Yes
Equatorial Guinea Yes
Eritrea Yes
Estonia Yes
Ethiopia Yes
Gabon Yes
Georgia Yes
Guatemala Yes
Guinea Yes
Guinea – Bissau Yes
Haiti Yes
Honduras Yes
Hungary Yes
Indonesia Yes
Islamic Republic of Iran Yes
Iraq Yes
Jordan Yes
Kazakhstan Yes
Kuwait Yes
Kyrgyzstan Yes
Laos People’s Democratic Republic Yes
Latvia Yes
Lebanon Yes
Liberia Yes
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Yes
Lithuania Yes
Macedonia Yes
Madagascar Yes
Maldives Yes
Mali Yes
Marshall Islands Yes
Mauritania Yes
Mexico Yes
Micronesia Yes
Moldova Yes
Mongolia Yes
Montenegro Yes
Morocco Yes
Mozambique Yes
Myanmar Yes
Nepal Yes
Nicaragua Yes
Niger Yes
Nigeria Yes
Oman Yes
Pakistan Yes
Palau Yes
Panama Yes
Papua New Guinea Yes
Paraguay Yes
Peru Yes
Philippines Yes
Poland Yes
Qatar Yes
Romania Yes
Russian Federation Yes
Rwanda Yes
Samoa Yes
Sao Tome & Principe Yes
Saudi Arabia Yes
Senegal Yes
Serbia Yes
Slovak Republic Yes
Slovenia Yes
Somalia Yes
Sri Lanka Yes
Sudan Yes
Syrian Arab Republic Yes
Taiwan Yes
Tajikistan Yes
Thailand Yes
Togo Yes
Tunisia Yes
Turkmenistan Yes
Ukraine Yes
United Arab Emirates Yes
Uzbekistan Yes
Vietnam Yes
Yemen Yes
Zimbabwe Yes
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